Happiness is something that most people strive to achieve their whole lives some do while some just exist.

I watched an interview Steve Harvey had with Pastor T.D Jakes on happiness. Pastor Jakes highlighted 5 points in achieving happiness which i really loved so I am going to share it.

  1. Own your happiness: It is not the job of anyone or thing to make you happy so check yourself and own it
  2. Challenge your story:  No matter the situation it can be changed.
  3. Enjoy the journey not just the destination: If you are not happy in your 2 bedroom apartment now I don’t think you will be in a mansion.
  4. Make relationships count: Your relationship with God should be paramount especially at that time when you think no happiness in sight give it all to him God will make a way, also your relationship to your spouse , siblings , children and friends  also should count for all its worth.
  5. balance work with play: you cannot neglect any aspect of your life. all work and no play makes jack a dull guy and all play and work makes jack a poor guy.

happiness is not some mythical achievement, it is available to all.